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Oberjoch Bad Hindelang Oberjoch Bad Hindelang, Bayern, Germany Visit website
Ski resort at over 1500 m above sea level with high level of snow reliability.
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Oberjoch Bad Hindelang is a picturesque ski resort in the Bavarian Allgaeu region of Germany. Skiing in Oberjoch Bad Hindelang offers skiers and snowboarders 12 ski lifts, an extensive range of ski runs, a cross-country skiing network, and a funpark and halfpipe for freestylers. The ski resort has convincing quality, modern facilities, and enjoyable slopes for all levels of skiers, making it an ideal place to ski in the south of Germany.
Oberjoch Bad Hindelang is a popular destination for walking trails in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. This stunning location offers some of the best mountain walking trails in the country, with breathtaking scenery, a number of historical sites, and not least of all, plenty of opportunities to take in some of the local culture and enjoy the hospitality of the Bavarian people. Popular routes include the Oberjoch See-Rundweg, a scenic railway line, the Kochelsee-Rundweg, and the historic routes of the Germanic Black Forest. During winter months, the ski slopes of Oberjoch provide plenty of opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. The nearby towns of Oberstdorf and Immenstadt are great base points for walking and exploring the beautiful mountain landscape.
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