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If you want to spend your winters and/or summers effectively and don’t know how to, then visit the Winter Park Resort and they will tell you how. Winter Park Resort has more than 75-year history with 3,081 acres of terrain, 3,000 feet of vertical rise, 7 different territories, and is also the longest continually operating ski resort of Colorado. From breathtaking scenery to comfortable lodging to fun and family-friendly activities, you will experience everything here. Apart from being famous for its winter playground amongst skiers and snowboarders, Winter Park Resort believes in being inclusive and has the National Sports Center for the Disabled which is the world’s largest disabled program. USA Today readers have crowned Winter Park Resort as the #1 Ski Resort in North America.
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Winter Park Resort is the oldest continually-operating ski resort in the country. Located near the ski town (and former winter getaway of President Gerald Ford) of Winter Park, Colorado, the resort offers terrain for both beginners and advanced skiers alike. It boasts 2,900 acres of lift-served terrain and receives an average of 320 inches of snow each year. Winter Park also has a variety of ski and snowboard lessons, guided tours, special event nights, restaurants and other activities.
Winter Park, Colorado, offers some of the best hiking in the Rockies. With nearly 1,000 miles of trails, Winter Park offers a great variety of terrain that caters to all levels of hikers. From gentle, low-gradient hikes along the Fraser River to advanced summits of the rugged peaks that make up the Continental Divide, Winter Park has something for everyone. Winter months, when the trails are blanketed in powder, offer unique and beautiful vistas, often without the crowds found in summer. Winter Park is also home to the 5th longest snowshoe trail in the world, covering 55 miles of the beautiful Arapaho National Forest.
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