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The larger-than-life vibe of Breckenridge will draw you in to unleash your adventurous side and discover a sense of freedom. Natural beauty with snow-dusted five majestic peaks will be the beginning of your Breck experience. From going on a hike at 12,840ft to taking a ski lesson to sipping après drinks, you can make the most of your adventurous experience in America’s favorite ski resort. Breckenridge comprises five peaks with different terrains suitable for all age groups and skill levels. There’s a terrain for everyone in Breckenridge! The resort also has Ski and Snowboard School where you will get the best of both worlds - experience the mountain and take your love for skiing a notch higher.
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When you start exploring this terrain, every time you will have something more to discover. Breck’s five sky-touching majestic peaks called Peak 6, Peak 7, Peak 8, Peak 9, Peak 10 could be your next stop for exceptional views combined with an action-packed experience. All of these peaks offer a range of terrains based on your skill level. Ski enthusiasts enjoy 50% of High skiing comfort levels. They are still OK with 20% of Medium and should occupy themselves with restaurants, SPA, and other non-skiing activities during 30% of days due to Low skiing comfort index.
Breckenridge’s trail system varies from relaxed to rugged catering to different types of abilities and seasons. You can opt for Iowa hill where you will find many short side trails leading you to preserved mining machinery. Another one is the Burro trail providing you wide access to backcountry hiking options. You can reach the Burro trail from the bottom of the Lehman ski trail which is located at the base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge. If you want to opt for an easy hike or have children and non-hikers along then you can go for the Sawmill trail which is a small hike surrounded by beautiful pine trees and near downtown Breckenridge. According to historical data, the maximum hiking comfort level remains high throughout the season.
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