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Arapahoe Basin Area White River National Forest, Colorado, United States Visit website
A true skier’s mountain Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (also called A-Basin), located in the White River National Forest was founded by five legends of skiing who were also Olympic skiers and WWII veterans. It was opened in December 1946 which now has more than 1,400 acres with nine lifts and runs the longest ski season in Colorado of the United States, which usually stays open until early June or July, unlike other northern ski areas which get closed in early April. Apart from having a rich history, A-Basin is a flag bearer of ski-area sustainability, bragged many awards since 2005, and has been vocal about walking lighter on the planet. According to historical data, you can enjoy a 100% hiking comfort level throughout the season whereas the highest skiing comfort level can be enjoyed in the months of November to January and then from mid-February to mid-March. The entire season experiences 35% high skiing comfort level, 29% medium, and 36% low skiing comfort level.
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You can choose A-Basin’s front side as a beginner, intermediate or an advanced skier. Other mountain areas can be easily accessed from the front side and makes the navigation of A-Basin easy. A-Basin’s Beavers and the Steep Gullies have 468 acres of terrain which was sustainably added in the 2017-18 season, thereby increasing A-Basin’s area by 50 percent. The Beavers and the Steep Gullies and Pallavicini mountains of A-Basin can be accessed only by advanced and expert skiers. If you are a beginner, Molly Hogan which is the learning area situated at the base of the mountain can be your home for skiing and snowboarding.
Hiking is another activity that you can enjoy here and if you are up for the biggest adventure in A-Basin, then tighten your boots and hike the East Wall. Reach 13,050 feet to get awed by the most spectacular views and experience some of the most extreme terrain of the mountain. You can explore the area by using different hiking routes. If you want to be stunned by the beauty of mother nature with many 14,000 foot peaks, then take a hike to Montezuma Bowl, also called “Zuma”. A-Basin’s major expansion was done here and completed in the 2007-08 season which increased the terrain by 80 percent.
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