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Bulanove Eco Trail Bulanove, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Ukraine Visit website
Bulanove Eco Trail is a special event to highlight issues related with the ecological situation in Poltava region.
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Running in Bulanove is a great way to explore this picturesque part of Ukraine. The town is on the banks of the River Vorskla, so you have plenty of beautiful scenery to admire while you exercise. The river is connected to the Oril River which flows through the city so running along it provides a unique experience. Additionally, there are several parks in the town that make for great places to run, with plenty of paths, benches and trees to admire.
Cycling is a popular pastime in Bulanove, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Ukraine. The Bereznya-Bulanove Ecotourism Route surrounding the town is a 7.5 km loop suitable for biking and walking. The route passes through picturesque forested areas, offering a stunning view of the surrounding area from the top of Ruska Hill. There are several designated stops along the way offering unique insights into Ukrainian culture and history.
Bulanove in Poltavs'ka Oblast', Ukraine is a great place to hike or go camping. The area is known for its verdant forests, rolling hills, and lush meadows. The nearby Bulanove Lake is known for its excellent fishing and stunning scenery. There are also several rock formations and caves in the nearby hills which are perfect for exploring. And if you're looking for a more extreme adventure, the nearby mountains provide great opportunities for mountain biking, paragliding, and even skiing.
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