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Kitzbuhel - Kirchberg Kitzbuhel, Tirol, Austria Visit website

The first non glacier Austria ski resort opens its doors in the middle of October. 181 km of slopes are available for visitors between the elevations of 800 and 2000 m. Kitzb├╝hel is one of the oldest skiing places in the world. Our grand grand grandparents had fun on the slopes of these mountains in 1895.

Skiers are happy to feel cold bite of winter in frosty mornings of October and May when majority of people are playing other outdoor activities. Visitors enjoy 73% of High skiing comfort level, get fun with 16% of Medium and 11% of days there are bad weather conditions, which equals Low skiing comfort zone.

The highest number of snowfall days is accumulated in January, which impacts skiing comfort level, as visibility and heavy snow on the slopes decrease skiers' comfort. Some seasons counted more than 17 snowfall days in January.

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